Doha Golf Club

DGC PGA Championship 2019 - Men

Friday 17th May 2019, White & Red Tees, Championship



Handicap 0 - 9

Winner: Alan ROBINSON 42Pts - QR500

Runner Up: Paul MAISEY 41Pts - QR250

Handicap 10 - 18

Winner: Lars WAHLQVIST 39Pts - QR500

Runner Up: Toby NEIL 38Pts Countback - QR250

Handicap 19 - 28

Winner: Ki Yong JUNG 43Pts - QR500

Runner Up: Wayne HANN 40Pts - QR250

Ladies Division

Winner: Lisa WAHLQVIST 36Pts - QR300

Runner Up: Nada MIR 35Pts - QR200


Special Prizes:

Longest Drive: Hole#6 Ruan JORDAAN - QR150

Nearest to the Pin: Hole#17 Zaid MOSAWY - QR150


Two's QR860

Claes BYBERG Hole#17 - QR430

Stephen BUTCHER Hole#13 - QR430


All credit has been added directly to member’s accounts. 

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants- we hope to see you all next time

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Results PointsCSS White: 72 / Red: 74 (Visitors 72)
1st Ki Yong Jung(21)43
2nd Alan Robinson(7)42
3rd Paul Maisey(3)41
4th Wayne Hann(22)40
5th Lars Wahlqvist(13) None39
6th Ollie Valencia(19)38
7th Toby Neil(14)38
8th Andrew Muirhead(18)38
9th Garry Looker(13)38
10th Martin McClenn(25)38
11th Claes Byberg(2)37
12th Yohann Pedder(5)37
13th Simon Byberg(21)37
14th Gary McGlinchey(5)37
15th Paul Smith(15)37
16th Arslan Mustafa C(18)36
17th Benjamin Coleman(6)36
18th Dylan Maisey(11)36
19th Mikkel Mathiesen(-3)36
20th Stephen John Evans(16)35
21st Frans Smit(9)35
22nd Jose Garcia Rubio(10)35
23rd Robert Beetham(12)35
24th Andrew Wilmot(8)34
25th Neil Green(16)34
26th Gary Young(6)34
27th Neil Scully(17)34
28th Jonathan Peter Cook(7) 34
29th Tadhg Cummins(10)34
30th Stephen Targett(17)34
31st Stephen Playforth(9)34
32nd Bob Bruford(8)34
33rd Gareth Thomas(24)34
34th Peter George Bettany(20)33
35th Timothy Miller(14)33
36th Ruan Jordaan (SA)(-2)33
37th Zach Law(24)33
38th David Wallace(19)33
39th Miguel Quiroga(12)33
40th Dong Yoon Kim (Kor)(6)33
41st Simon Roger Davies(4)33
42nd Tony Stafford(7)33
43rd Ali Mohamed(6)32
44th Andrew John Dunlop(11)32
45th James Brown(28)32
46th Andrew Fitzgerald(16)32
47th John Gilmour(12) 32
48th Ian Waddell(20)32
49th Gregg Krahulec(9)32
50th Michael Cox(18)31
51st Winston Agcon(8) 31
52nd Rab Courtney(23)31
53rd Shinichiro Kawabe(20)31
54th Ben wright(5) 31
55th Michael McMillan (British)(14)31
56th Andrew McSeveney(13)31
57th Anthony Nemeth(10)31
58th Nigel David Farrimond(21)31
59th Gary Mond(17)31
60th Philip John Mayes(15)31
61st Marc Van 'T Sant(9)31
62nd Luis Galarraga Alcada(12)30
63rd Allard Bijlstra(11)30
64th Hendrik Mens(25) 30
65th Gavin Edwin Haslam(8)30
66th Simon Balchin(8)30
67th Luke Roberts(28)30
68th Alan Crozier(21)30
69th Stephen Robert Clark (Brt)(9)30
70th Brendan O'Flynn(20)30
71st Grahame McCaig(12)30
72nd Hrvoje Balasko(30)30
73rd Jon Moore(20)30
74th Robert David Mckinlay(16)29
75th Alan Bassnett (Eng)(6)29
76th Sean Gaynham(21)29
77th Coenraad Strydom(20)28
78th Terence McGuire(21)28
79th Stephen Butcher(19)28
80th David Alan Colin Barker(26)28
81st Jibendu Bikas Roy Talukder(19)27
82nd Peter McManus(20)26
83rd Kenneth Darby(22)26
84th Kevin David Mcque(19)26
85th Martin Anthony McPherson(18)25
86th Kazumasa Kontani(22)25
87th Stephen Morrison(21)24
88th Alan Crowe(16)24
89th Zaid Mosawy(11)21
90th Lucas Roy Welk(24)20
91st Jean Paul Arcidiacono(12)0
92nd Emad Asad Emadi(23)0
93rd Serge Patrick Guevel(24)0
94th Aaron King(0) 0
95th Sam Wall(3)0

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